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My new open relationship with Apple

A year ago you could ask any of my friends, I was the Apple guy.

I wouldn’t have called myself the ultimate fan. I didn’t line up for the latest tech, I was cautious — I would do my research and purchase once I felt the products had secured their place. Every iPhone i owned was the 2nd generation (basically all the “s’s” e.g 4s,5s,6s etc) I felt they were the improvements on the major updates and that the new models were too new.

I was heavily ingrained in the Apple eco system, I relied heavily on the iCloud and even stuck with them through dropping “Me and @mac”. I even stood by as they discontinued my iWeb websites.

So it came as a huge shock to my friends and colleagues when I began to explore alternatives.
I bought a cheap Samsung tablet just to try it out.
The real push came when i updated to the latest iOS and none of my apps would update, they hung in limbo greyed out and unusable. I tried everything and every Apple store visit ended with them telling me to Factory Reset…
So I took the leap.

I bought a Samsung S7 edge of eBay and decided to give it a solid go.
I took off my Apple Watch, I turned off my iPhone.
There was a lot to let go off, and Android no matter which Hardware and flavour it is running is never a ‘pretty’ as iOS.
However I did like it and I discovered there was a lot i was missing out on.

One of the biggest hurdles was iMessage. I had blindly become so dependant on it.
I was unaware people were still messaging me on it, I had to fire up my iPhone and go through the difficult process of disabling it. This drove me further from Apple, as I don’t like relying this heavily on one business.
I was able to transfer all my messages to the android.

I found there is a much bigger world outside Apple now and although not as tightly ingrained many alternatives:

iPhoto: Googles photo app is a much better alternative and offers far greater storage.

iTunes: although i have invested heavily in my iTunes music collection I had already started to move away as services like Netflix, Stan and Spotify actually saved me huge amounts in comparison to purchasing and similar to my iMessage experience I realised how much I was stuck with one company and all my ‘purchases’ really gave me very little ownership.

iMessage: whilst nothing will enable you to interact with iMessage directly I think there are better ways. Facebook messenger is becoming a viable alternative and can even handle SMS on android for you (i enjoyed this for a little while, but ultimately found it confusing to use both in the one app)
Pushbullet is a great way of using a computer to interact with your phone and send text messages (something i used a lot with iMessage)

iWork: I still love the i work apps however Microsoft office has definitely made some great strides and Googles apps are becoming more of a standard thank to their universal usability and well its free.

This is just a few examples, the more I look the more I find better alternatives and realise just how much i was putting up with.
iMessage was full of bugs and errors, unreceived messages, inconsistency in messages across devices.
The iWork apps are great but the iCloud link is slow and unreliable, and almost every time I went to open a file I would find the app to be out of date, and unable to update because it was too large to download over.
This leads me to talk about the amount of restrictions Apple has on its devices which I understand the reasons behind, but surely there should be overrides. Data limits — come on I can get a 50gb data allowance these days I can cope with 100mb, no NFC access, forced default apps i could go on.

I am not Anti-Apple, I haven’t converted and I haven’t totally left.
I describe myself in an open relationship, and feel liberated by the new range of options. I may go back to the iPhone, but now I can move much more freely between devices.
I believe the gap between OS’s is becoming smaller and smaller, as more developers are cross platform and we work more in the cloud.



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