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Qlab 4 - Now you can run the entire show

The long awaited update to the industry standard cueing software Qlab has just been released, and its a big one!
Qlab 4 comes with a host of new tricks, from some small additions like fancy copy and paste (which will be life changing for some) to the biggest addition Lighting control!

So Qlab has always had the ability to cue lighting consoles via OSC, MTC etc but now Qlab can talk directly to the lighting fixtures over artnet.
Now whilst I don't anticipate anyone will be throwing away their lighting consoles anytime soon - The interface is no where near as intuitive as a dedicated lighting console.
It does open up some very interesting possibilities:
- Control House Lights
- Control fog, haze snow machines etc.
- Strobes

Where I think it will prove to be very powerful is alongside the huge amount of led tape and fixtures available.
Qlab could now control led lights for cueing, sync a light with a buzzer, create beautifully choreographed storm scenes with sound and light.

The new inclusion also allows consoles to be left behind for simple setups, like a couple of led up lights and a few dimmer channels.

I will have more to tell once i have played with it :)


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