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Qlab has been the industry standard for cued audio playback for sometime now, and has grown to add far more capabilities.

At the heart of almost all of our productions is a Qlab system - it can handle video and audio playback, visual mapping, timecode and interaction with lighting, laser, vision and audio systems.

Qlab is a production swiss army knife (on par with Gaff tape, cable ties and a Sharpie!)

After working in many situations with others who are just barely scrapping the surface of what is possible we notcied there was a big hole in the market for proper training

Over the years we have pushed and stretched the system to achieve some great results. We have created custom scripts, workflows and Quartz Patches to make our work faster, simpler and more effective.

Now we wish to share what we have learned with you.

Shortly we will be launching a Qlab training workshop, designed to take you through the program from the beginning and give you insight into just what can be achieved


We are currently developing a course and are after any insight you have which may help shape this course: what you want to learn, how you use the system etc..

Please complete the following form to register your interest, and we will be in touch with a launch date

Find out more about Qlab from the creators website

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